AmaSuite 4.0 Review – DOES IT REALLY WORK?

AmaSuite 4.0 Review

AmaSuite 4.0 Review – Do you wish you made more money with Amazon?

As all of us entrepreneurs know, Amazon is a gold mine right now. Whether you are interested in selling products on Amazon or want to make an healthy income as an affiliate, there is money to be had with Amazon.

However, it seems like most people are missing the target when it comes to actually succeeding with Amazon and creating the life of wealth and freedom that working online can provide you.

It appears that there is a root to this problem, and thankfully the solution is surprisingly simple.

The root of the problem is a lack of research and knowledge of what to sell and promote. Whether that is from the massive amount of time proper research takes or the lack of confidence in the shaky data that has been thrown together, lack or research and information has always been one of the gaping holes in unprofitable Amazon businesses.

Luckily, 2 successful entrepreneurs have not only noticed this problem, but have come together to create the easiest solution possible.

Chris Guthrie and Dave Guindon have worked together to create the ultimate toolkit for Amazon sellers and affiliates that will guide, step by step to running the successful Amazon based business you dreamt of when starting out.

This toolkit is called AmaSuite and you’ll be kicking yourself down the road if you don’t check this out today:

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You see, Dave is a software wiz, and Chris knows a thing or two about Amazon (#1 Best Selling Kindle book author, over $1.5 Million sold as an Amazon affiliate, and a 6 figure private labeled business selling exclusively on Amazon).

The product they put together didn’t start as something to sell, but rather tools they personally wanted to dominate Amazon.

AmaSuite consists of 4 different pieces of software, each of which will give you cutting edge research on which products to sell or promote to take your income to the next level.

This software was built specifically to be easy to use through precise filtering to zero in on hidden money makers on Amazon.

AmaSuite 5 Demo Video

Demo video : Don’t settle for the small video! Click the fullscreen button and Watch in HD

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With AmaSuite, you get:

Azon Top 100 Analyzer

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*Find hidden profitable niches to avoid the worry to launching unsuccessful products
*Find hot selling items that you know will convert well when people click over to Amazon

  • Works on both Windows PC & Mac computer systems!
  • Quickly discover worthy top selling items to promote through the Amazon site affiliate program!
  • Stop trawling through hundreds of Amazon site hoping to spot a great affiliate product, let the software do it for you!
  • The Leading 100 Analyzer lays this data out for you to see in a single window making the choice process really easy!
  • You can see the data within Best Sellers, Hot New Releases,Top Rated, Movers and Shakers, A lot of Gifted, and Most Wished For!
  • Extract ALL top 100 lists across all the main categories in one fell swoop … now that is some POWERFUL stuff!!
  • Quickly see ONLY the data you NEED … using thecustom filters feature!
  • Discover EXACTLY what you need with blazing FAST one-click filters!
  • Optionally include your Amazon affiliate idinto the software to include in saved reports!
  • QUICK access button to export all ASINs to a file!
  • Export the data to interactive HTML reports that you can offer!
  • Select ANY category on Amazon to search using the manual category choose window!
  • Extract the top 100 lists from both Amazon dot com and

Azon Product Inspector

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*Go beyond the top 100 & take advantage of competitive info, like massively discounted products

Azon Keyword Generator

*Out do the competition by finding what people are actually searching for when wanting to buy
*Find the perfect keywords for your product listing to show up & sell more

Azon Review Finder

*Find the best reviewers to work with to get amazing reviews for your product (reviews are the biggest factor for a successful Amazon business)
*See who is saying what about the products you are looking to promote, sell, or compete against.

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AmaSuite 4.0 Overview

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee. No Question Asked ! Take Action Today And You'll Also Get The Following Bonus Bellow !

About Amasuite 4.0

In Amasuite 4.0 we translated all the software to native Mac and native PC, so all the mac users can now enjoy the power of Amasuite 4.0. We also added more features within each software & added a brand-new 4th software called “Azon Review Finder”.

In addition to all that good stuff .. we also re-focused the marketing towards Amazon sellers as well as Amazon affiliates, which really boosts the value of the product! Heck, look how crazy successful the Amazing Selling Machine releases have been!

Therefore, we added a brand-new bonus video course on the way to sell physical products on amazon. Chris Guthrie has been successfully earning 5-figures each month selling his own private label physical products, and he reveals his full process in that bonus videos course.

Also .. we included a demo video below showing the new stuff we added to the software and more information regarding the new added 4th software..


That isn’t even including the 5 FREE bonuses you’ll have to see to believe:

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If you are really serious about starting a successful Amazon business AmaSuite is the toolkit you need to use to get the data that will guide you to that “making money while you sleep” level we all want.

Click here now to avoid missing out on this launch pricing. It ends very soon:

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