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Fellow Warriors,

If you have ever wanted to earn a 6-figure income working part-time from the comfort for yourself home, then you need to read every word on this site.

Because I have developed a simple software solution that finds ‘over-looked’ business owners who’re desperately trying to build their Facebook fanbase… And will pay for big bucks to anyone who can help.

These business owners are:

  • Spending money on Facebook to build their fanbase
  • Struggling to get likes and are desperate for help
  • Easy to service with a 3-step automated system

On top of that… They have been completely over-looked by the important social media agencies who only target bigger businesses… …And are ripe for the picking by smaller marketers who take advantage!

New Facebook Marketers Are Getting Rich By Helping The Biz Owners That The Big Social Media Agencies Over-Look


These ‘neglected’ biz owners are throwing money at anyone who are able to improve their fanbase: moneyshots

It takes only a handful of these clients to build a $100,000 annually business…

Think about it…

If each client will pay you just 1,500 a month (this is the lowest I charge these leads)

You only need 6 clients to earn $108,000 per year!

This lead software can generate hundreds of pre-sold leads every time you use it… and also you only have to sell 6 of them to give up your day job.

Servicing these clients is a snap, because I am including my automated system for building massive, responsive fanpages for local businesses:


I’ll show you how to generate your first 1,000 fans in under 48 hours using a method that has never been revealed before. This method builds your new clients fanbase:

  • Without spending a dime on Facebook Ads
  • Without silly contests or ‘viral images’
  • Without needing any content on the fanpage

And it takes just 10 minutes to set up! The entire process is automated, outsourced, and can managed part time. Your new clients will look at you with amazement when you deliver what they have been looking for so quickly… And will reward you with bigger checks AND referrals.

My 5 Minute Hand Holding Video Gets You Started Booking Your First Client The Same Day!

These are the easiest leads to close for a new marketer… …And the fastest, most repeatable way to service your new clients to keep them coming back month after month with checks in hand.

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