ImageSuite 2.0 Review – SHOULD YOU BUY?

ImageSuite 2.0 Overview

  • Vendor: YMB Properties
  • Product: ImageSuite 2.0
  • Release Date: 2014-12-16
  • Release Time: 11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $37
  • Sales Page:
  • Niche: Software

ImageSuite 2.0 Review

One of the main issues faced by internet marketers nowadays is how to discover high quality images that they can use and customize in a easy and fast way.

ImageSuite 2.0 is an awesome wp plugin which connects to the API of popular image sharing websites in away that just fetches those images which are in the public site and need no attribution.

So in seconds, you’ll find attractive images for your weblog and social media accounts, and thanks to its built-in Pixlr image editing tech, you will not ever need to again open Gimp, Photoshop, or any other images software.

Every thing happens inside your web-sites and you’re in total control of your design and style experience. You can have Instagram such as effects, you are able to edit and upload your own images; you can have borders, stickers and all kinds of effects to really make your images stand out.

You can include a text layer to your picture, to really make it match your site post. That is among the possible uses of ImageSuite 2.0. But, since photos are very important for internet marketers, you are able to virtually use it in any situation.

You can use it for your social internet marketing efforts on Facebook, Pinterest or even Twitter . You can use it for slideshows by yourself page, you can use it to make Youtube . com video thumbnails, to make internet memes, make images for your customers, it’ll literally bring you creative for them.

After completing your design you’ll be able to download and install it to your desktop and at the same time it will also getadded automatically inside your picture library, so this way you can always access your design from within your dashboard and use them as well in your internet marketing.

Feature Of ImageSuite 2.0

ImageSuite 2.0 : Get Unlimited Copyright-Free Images a large number of HD Images At only an easy Click
Powerful Built-In Image Editor : Add Photo Filters, Lighting Effects And Warhol-Like Mosaics
■ A large number of Image Effects : ImageSuite includes lots of image effects you can use to adapt any picture to fit within the context of your weblog post. You are able to take a photo back in time, add a soft effect, add a vintage feel, a subtle touch or receive creative with more than a 100 photo effects in your arsenal to make the best visual scenario for your content. ImageSuite 2.0 has all the image effects you need to add humor to your weblog and connect emotionally with your readers.
■ Add Stickers, Borders,Text And More!: You can include text to your photo with various text formats, add borders from a pool of one hundred+ borders and spice up your photos with pro stickers. Choose between a large number of comic antique stickers, stickers, accessories, summer stickers, love stickers, nature stickers, tattoos stickers and much more. Additionally you get a large number of overlays to play with like fire overlays, smoke overlays, canvas overlays and lots of others. Rotate your resize,image, crop, redo and undo.
■ Edit All Images, Even Published Ones : You are able to completely customize any image with the built-in Photoshop-like photo editor, including released images, to make them conform to the feel and context of your web-site. While editing your post simply choose the photo you need to edit and click on the ImageSuite icon “tab” from the top menu, and boom… the image is going to be loaded into the drag-n-drop image editor. You can edit your images and automatically re-add edited versions back in the post with the mouse click.
■ A single-Click Image Saving To Your Desktop : Not only will you be capable to automatically add modified photos to your post and site library, ImageSuite 2.0 comes with a one-click image saving feature that enables you to also save customized pictures to your desktop. This feature is wonderfully designed to permit you all the flexibility you need to decide which image is saved in your desktop. Just click on the “Download image to desktop” alert that uninterruptedly appears after the image has been automatically added to your post and site library.
Even More Features of ImageSuite 2.0 :
■ Supercharge your site : Harness the strength of visual appeal. Add color and vibrancy to your web site and improve organic traffic and reader engagement.
■ Social media friendly : Explore the strength of viral traffic. Create posts with images and raise your overall social shares.
■ Create unlimited designs : Tap from a limitless supply of high-quality relevant images and unleash the creative spirit on your web site.
■ Advanced editing : Edit any image and add to your blog post without leaving your wordpress web site thanks to the integrated Pixlr advanced image editor.
■ Undo / redo history : Redo and undo any action while editing your images. Unlock a flexible photo editor that comes with power features.
■ Upload your own images: Edit images uploaded from your computer or merge two images from different sources. The possibilities are endless.
■ Friendly support : Obtain access to unlimited friendly assistance. We’re just an e-mail away and will support you every step of the way.
■ Compatible with Wp 4.0 : ImageSuite 2.0 is 100% suitable for Wp and regularly updated. Simply upload it to your Wp dashboard to start.
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Don’t forget to delete your cookies first before using discount or bonus link, to make sure you will get this all bonuses

It is very simple to claim your bonus when you buy products

      • Contact me vithis link to claim your bonuses package.
      • Wait for less than 24 hours to get your bonus, no questions asked.